The awakening of divine light in all of us


This day, in the Christian world, is a celebration of new life, of the birth of the Christ child. This story invites a re-awakening of the spark of love within each of us, as divine consciousness embodied. All of Christ’s teachings are stored in our very DNA and can be accessed by anyone, regardless of religion.

It’s not random coincidence that miraculous humans emerge at times of struggle, to lead and inspire others to live from that divine light in the face of great hardship and suffering. Examples abound: Gandhi and Indian independence, Martin Luther King and Civil Rights, Nelson Mandela and Apartheid, Aung An Suu Kyi and democracy, Wangaari Matthai and tree planting, Malala Yousufzi and the right to education. All of these, and others, stood up to forces of oppression and darkness that sought to silence them through fear and violence.

If not for great adversity, their lights would not have shone so brightly. I tend to forget this and instead lament and push away injustice, environmental rape, and oppression, wondering why people can’t just behave themselves. But maybe it’s all for our awakening. Are we here to perfect the world? Or simply to experience it and praise its glory, while lighting candles in the darkness?

Any “problem” invites the universal solution, which is love. Unconditional love for all, not only those with whom we agree. That is what Christ taught, and what Gandhi, Dr. King, Mandela, and the others, embody, what they lived and go on living. It is clear that Malala Yousufzi’s courage comes from love, not fear.

“There is no way to peace; peace is the way.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Any solution to any problem starts within our own hearts. Our inner world can be dark and mysterious territory, which is why many of us prefer to cast our demons outside of us. My inner host of terror shows up in the outer world as John Boehner, the Alberta tar sands, Keystone XL, the Koch brothers, Dick Cheney, the Deepwater Horizon disaster, police shooting unarmed black men, rape, and the greed of Wall Street brokers, to name only a few.

What happens if I, if we, together, shine our inner light of divine consciousness out into these darknesses? When I quiet my own internal waters, I can better hear the songs of pain coming from these outer demons. And anyway, it’s not about them. It’s not about “out there.” Christ consciousness is the cultivation of inner harmony, peace in storms, patience in an emergency, and moment-to-moment kindness. May I attend to those practices on this day, and all days.

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