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Tomorrow we will debut a new feature on the blog, called “Ask Edith.” I don’t think Edith would mind if I told you I was a bit skeptical when she first approached me. Sure, she’s credentialed* to give advice, but during each of our seven coffee meetings to kick around this idea, I detected an edge. Also, she had given me four references, but one never returned my calls, one was ambivalent, and two were unable—or unwilling— to speak to her qualifications (her kindergarten teacher and a distant cousin).

You would be justified in wondering why, then, I chose to give her this platform. The reason is simple. We live in uncertain, alienating, divisive, and confusing times. People have questions and Edith has answers. The emails with these questions have been piling up in my inbox. It doesn’t take much imagination to recognize that Edith was “sent” to me via some unknowable universal force of attraction. Who am I to stand in the way of that?

Edith is the least squeamish person I’ve met. There is nothing she won’t tackle. We’ve had questions related to climate change, mortgage foreclosure, and animal cruelty. Even the debate about gun laws doesn’t faze her in the least. Edith has told me that her first post will be to advise the mother of a child who has just been diagnosed with Nature Deficit Disorder. (Full disclosure: it was supposed to be ready today, but—her unusual wardrobe notwithstanding—she is proving to be rather a perfectionist. Or maybe a garden-variety procrastinator; time will tell.)

If you have a question of your own, send us a postcard or drop us a line. We’ve also done a bit of housekeeping, to streamline the navigation of the site. Under three new categories—lifesaving, diverting, and magical—you will find everything, from poetry to articles to books to music and design. Admittedly, the classifications are somewhat arbitrary, though I hope you will find them at least whimsical. (I’m the first one to admit, for instance, that my writing has so far saved only my own life.)

“Ask Edith” posts:

*For the expert-addicts among you, here is but a partial list of her qualifications and certifications:

  • Certified Deep ListenerTM
  • Intensive self-study of Non-Violent CommunicationTM Training Course (9 CDs plus workbook)
  • Attended the Dragonfly Farm weeklong intensive for Life Affirming Ritual, 1998, 2003, and 2006. Co-organizer, 2009
  • Graduate of Debbie Ford Shadow Process intensive
  • Apprentice practitioner of Poetry HealingTM (In 4th year of 10-year program)
  • Japanese Forest Bathing — green belt
  • Active member of IADL, NVCE, ALARP, and PHPA

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