Giving tree


This guest post is by Art Vandelay. You can read a bit about him on the “Denizens” page.

We are the universes favorite memory downloaded

our pains absence from photos stars exploded

each breath etched life cycles light recycled

our nature’s inertia to nature spinning infinite

Love. forgiveness. stretching generations our children’s fingertips

Self maps across spines spirit vines speaking

metamechic meanings divine tree breathing sacred pictures

Note from the author:
This poem is written in a form called a 7 by 7 that is a variation on another form called a 6 by 6. I came up with it a while back when writing a piece dedicated to a tremendous individual and great friend of mine who passed in 2014. So this is my second attempt at the structure. It’s 7 lines each line 7 words each. And every line is able to stand on its own or work in tandem with the other 6 as part of the whole piece. And no matter how you arrange the order of the lines the essence and meaning of the poem remains intact.

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