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Thank you all for your stories, for sharing from the heart, for gathering the wisdom and encouragement of your encounters with the living earth. It was a rich weekend of breakthroughs and homecomings, wonder and beauty. Here are some resources to carry it forward and continue cultivating new stories. (Except for the video, all files are PDF. If you right click, you can save them directly to your computer.)

Poems read during the weekend (and some we didn’t)

A video of the first six minutes of Vivian’s story of Kali, from Friday night.
And the second half of the story, as audio only:


The story of Skywoman Falling

Thoughts about the New Moon and Looks Far Woman

The story of Becoming Raven

We have two retreats coming up, in late May (Heroine’s Journey) and early October (with special guest David Abram). More information on those can be found on the main Restorying page.

After a previous retreat, we set up a forum to keep the conversation and sharing going. It has been used sporadically and you’ll find some great stuff there. If you’d rather not join it, you can also share things that inspire you on this page in the comments.

I continue to be inspired by all that happened during this retreat. Here’s a blog post about the stream’s contribution to our weekend. And another that came to me on Saturday morning while you all were telling stories.

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“What a beautiful weekend!….and as I drove on my commute today to work…I felt so awake to the drifting clouds and rising sunlight…most days I notice these things and say, “how pretty”…almost as if I am looking “at” a painting…not really feeling akin to it…but this morning was different…I felt a connection to every natural element I saw, I didn’t feel that usually separation.

And at lunch I stepped outside and a beautiful hawk was swirling in the air…like the ones that flew above our circle. It felt like another greeting of knowing we are all connected. And then I read my Instant Karma for today, a book that gives 8,879 ways to give yourself and others good fortune and it said:


Thank you all, you lovely beings, for making my weekend extraordinary!” ~ Carol Huncik


“I am still steeping in the afterglow. I feel so deeply nourished, re-inspired, abundant and in touch with my true nature.” ~ Vivian Campagna

“I was blessed to be restored at this retreat!” ~ Cecilia Robinson Liss

“That was a terrific weekend, thanks for all your and the other leaders’ great work!” ~ Charles Myers

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