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2012_9.8_150w“Subsidence” – published October, 2014, in Dark Mountain Journal #6. A brief, lyrical account of my encounter with a mountain stream in Wyoming.


Emo_150x150“The Right Tool for the Job” – published November, 2015, in Dark Mountain Journal #8. I write about the pleasures of drawing in this themed issue on technology. To give you an idea of the beauty of this issue’s content, read this blog post. Or order a copy. And here’s a review that includes a generous mention.

Sunrise_150w“Song of the Chesapeake,” a piece about my love for the Bay and speculations about Water Walking. Published December, 2015 in Issue #3 of the beautiful online journal, Dark Matter: Women Witnessing.



“Wonder,” published October 2016, is a response to Marie Howe’s miraculous poem, “Annunciation,” that explores the necessity for the poet’s voice in this time of unraveling and possibility. We need these invitations and gateways into other realities. Visit Dark Mountain’s site to learn more about them and subscribe.

Earthrise, a novel in progress


Radioactive sludge, flammable water, and dead chickens are inauspicious signs on an organic farm—especially one that supplies New York’s hottest new farm-to-table restaurant. Burned out and reeling from her father’s death, ambitious climate scientist Dr. Grace Evans has hit a wall. Her documentation of methane releases in northeastern Pennsylvania’s natural gas fracking fields is sidelined by a volatile confrontation with the unscrupulous energy company that funds her research.

Grace believes her scientific training and analytical mind will right wrongs. Caroline and the other farm residents are creating an edenic place sequestered from the ruin of the industrialized world. The energy company executive James places his faith in ever more clever technology and his rival, Hank, is determined to keep riding the long train of resource exploitation that threatens all life on earth.

Their collision brings illness, violence, and death. A new way forward emerges from the darkness, encouraging creative engagement with sworn enemies, the embrace of wildness, and coming home to the love and kinship of the wider community of life.


This novel is currently in progress.  Contact me if you have suggestions for agents or editors. Thanks!

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